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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q. How can I contact the webmaster? 
A.  Email: Webmaster 
 Q.  is there a handy sheet to help me use the website?
 A.  There is a Tip Sheet to help do things with the Library and getting new passwords etc. >> Tip Sheet
 Q  What does a password have to have in it?
 A.  Passwords need to have at least 8 characters and there must be at least 1 number and 1 lower case letter included.
 Q.  I joined by the Society by mail and I have received the letter with my membership number; so how do I get a password?
 A.  You will need to use  Members get a password in the Members Login box and follow the steps.
Q.  I joined the Society online, so can I just login to the Members' Area?
A.  If you joined online by completing the application form on the NZSG website you will have chosen your own password  so you can simply logon.
 Q. I have a tried to get \ change my password but it wont let me! What is going wrong?
A. There are whole lot of reasons why things go wrong, some of the common ones are;
Membership Numbers: transposing numbers e.g. 29568 is written 29658 - it's so easy to do and so easy to miss!
Names: If your name on the subscription was John Smith using Ted Smith (because I'm called Ted) won't work!
Email Addresses: Email addresses are a security measure in the NZSG system, so the email address you are using must match the one in the NZSG databases. If you change your email address please advise the Membership Secretary who will update your details.
Email: Membership if you need to update your email, telephone or any other details.
Q. How can I change my password to something I can easily remember?
A. By using the Forgot / Change password link on the home page. Complete the required fields and you will be sent another link to the page where you set your own password. The email address you enter must match the email address on your membership record
Email: Membership to check your email address is current. Email: Webmaster if you need assistance.
Q. I can remember my password but why is the website refusing me access?
A. Are you financial?, if you are not sure check with the membership officer. Your password is case sensitive ensure the caps lock is not on. Try refreshing the page by using the F5 button on your keyboard.
Q. What is the purpose of “My Account”?
A. It is a secure area where you can view your details held on the membership database, view your current membership status and expiry date - Renew your subscription using the secure payment system - Check postal and email addresses, and telephone number, and advise of updates and also check and update your list of member interests
Q. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from the members mailing list.
A. Go to Members List
Q. What research assistance can a member find on the website?
A 1. Go to New Zealand Research, Gathering Information, and Family Search Films.
2. Instructions for using the NZSG CD-ROM service, GRO England & Wales Index, Hugenot Research Service, Matching New Zealand Brides and Grooms Index, Passenger Shipping, and UK Probates Index Search Service can be found in the Members Area.
Q. The web site says I am logged on but I cannot access anything in the Members Area?
A. Use ctrl + F5 this will refresh the page.
Q. Where is the Gale collection, and other online newspapers?
A. Go to Online Newspapers
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Q.  Which path should I follow next with my research, or where can I find particular records? 
A.  Email: Research Service 
Q.  How can I improve my computer literacy skills? 
A.  The Genealogical Computing Group may provide guidance. See their website: www.gencom.org.nz or email GCG or contact the local branch about the family history computer programmes their members are using, and computer help they may have available.  
Q. How do I enrol for an education class?
A. Go to Education

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NZSG Office
Q.  How can I contact the Office Manager? 
A. Email: Office Manager or phone  (09) 570 4248  (09) 570 4248  (choose option 5 from the answer phone menu), or fax (09) 570 4238 
Q.  What is the postal address of the NZSG? 
A. PO Box 14036, Panmure, Auckland 1741  
Q How can I contact the President or a Council Member?
A. Letters can be sent to any Council member at the above address.

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Q.  How can I contact the Librarian? 
A.  Email: Librarian or- phone  (09) 570 4248  (09) 570 4248  (choose option 8 from the answer phone menu), or fax (09) 570 4238  
Q.  What is the process when I borrow from the Library?
A. Requests for library material are received by volunteers in the library who locate, package and dispatch the material. When the borrowed item(s) is sent to the member, included is a printout of the item(s) borrowed, a reminder of the return date and an indication of postage stamps to be included.
Q. I cannot locate something on the library catalogue. How can I obtain further information?
A.  Email Librarian or phone  (09) 570 4248  (09) 570 4248  (choose option 8 from the answer phone menu), or fax (09) 570 4238
Q.  When is the Family Research Centre open?
 The FRC’s usual hours are: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm, Wednesday from 10 am to 4 pm Plus an evening session of 4pm - 8pm.  The daily hours of 10am - 4pm allow you to arrive and leave anytime between those hours.
During holiday periods, long weekends, and some evenings, the library is often open for extended periods.  Please check the front page of the website for additional opening times.
Q. Where is the Family Research Centre located?
A. At Level 1, 159 Queens Road, Panmure, Auckland
Q. Where can I park?
A. See the Panmure Parking map.
Q. Where can I find recent accessions to the Family Research Centre Library?
A. Go to the Library catalogue and click on New Items from the menu

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Q.  Who should I contact about items I purchased from the Sales area of the website when I have not received them?  
A.  Email details to: Sales 
Q.  If I order Sales Items how long does delivery take? 
A.  Sales orders are processed every day during the working week and purchases are posted from the Family Research Centre on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  

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Q.  How can I update my email address, telephone number or postal address on the membership records? 
A.  Email: Membership 
Note: Postal addresses on the membership records are formatted in accordance with the standards required by New Zealand Post in order for the magazine to be distributed under special licence.
Q.  Who can I contact about a query on my subscription renewal invoice? 
A.  Email: Membership or  phone (09) 570 4248 (choose option 6 from the answer phone menu), or fax (09) 570 4238  
Q. How do I renew my subscription online?
A. Logon with your password. Go to My Account. Click on Renew subscription.
Q. Can I still pay my subscription at any New Zealand branch of the ANZ Bank?
A. Yes, take the NZSG bank account #01 0210 0110910 02 with you, ask the Bank to ensure your membership number and surname will be included in the transaction, obtain a bank receipt for your own records, and email Membership to inform them of the date the transaction was made.
Q. What are the details of the NZSG Australian and UK bank accounts?
A. Email Membership for the bank details 
Q. My magazine went to the wrong address. Who do I advise?
A. Email new address to Membership
Q. How do I add my names to Members' Interest?
A. To add your names, log on, go to My Account and at the bottom of page click on Change Interests button

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NZSG Services

Q.  Where do I find information about the NZSG members-only Record Collections? 
A.  The NZSG Certificates Collection, NZSG Pedigree Collection, NZSG Pre-1856 NZ Marriage Records Collection, NZSG First Families Collection all have links from the Members’ Area. The First Families Collection can also be searched from the public area, but you must be a member to access further information. 
Q.  How do I purchase a cheque for overseas use, e.g., purchasing certificates, or joining a family history society? 
A.  For information on how the service works go to Cheque service 
Q. Where do I get assistance with the GRO Certificate Purchasing Service?
A. For information on how the service works go to GRO Certificates
Q. How can I purchase a UK Probate (including a Will or Letters of Administration)?
A For information on how the service works go to UK Probates
Q. Can someone look up a New Zealand School Record for me?
A. Email Research Service
Q. How do I purchase Scottish certificates?
A. For information on how the service works go to Scottish Certificates
Q. Where do I get assistance with Scottish Wills & Testaments?
A. For information on how the service works go to Scottish Wills
Q. Where do I get assistance with UK Probates purchasing service?
A. For information on how the service works go to UK Probates
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