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Membership Benefits
Membership entitles you to:
Cheque Service 
Discovery - Online Collections TNA (UK)
Educational Courses
Interest Groups 
Letter of introduction for overseas visits
Members Interests
Members On-Line Discussion [Members List]
Members Only Databases
NZSG Family Research Centre
 On Line [Gale] Newspapers
Research Services 
  • Government Gazettes
  • Huguenot research service
  • North America research service 
Schools Look ups 
Scottish Certificates
The NZ Genealogist magazine 
UK Certificates
UK Probates



NZSG Members have formed branches of the NZSG in their own localities to build a research community and to help one another with research questions.
Branches often get involved in projects about research resources in their geographical areas and run education programmes to foster the pursuit of genealogy and family history with a sense of fun and friendship.

While branch membership is not included in the NZSG subscription, it is an option available to members.

There are more than 60 branches throughout New Zealand. To find a Branch near you, go to the home page, then select ABOUT at the far left of the screen, then select BRANCHES and continue through the selections from the drop down menus until you find a branch near you. Or go to Branches 

This service allows NZSG members to buy a British Sterling or Australian dollar cheque from the Society. A fee of NZ$7.50 is charged for this service to offset the cost of drawing the cheque, including foreign bank fees, the cost of postage between signatories, and exchange rate variation. Check the the current exchange rate on the Cheque Service page. Your requested cheque is returned to you. Use F117 Cheque Service Form and follow the instructions supplied to complete it.
From the Home page of the website, click on MEMBERS AREA, then select Cheque Services; or click on the link below to go there now Cheque Services  


The National Archives (UK) online 'Discovery' is a remote-online service available for NZSG members.
Members can download the digitised files available from this service at no further charge, as the subscription has been paid by the NZSG. Access is via the Members Area' menu, Discovery tab.


Courses are held regularly at the Family Research Centre in Panmure to assist members with specific areas of research. Check out the list on the website to see what is currently available. Education courses 
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Interest Groups offer a community, with a wealth of knowledge about a specific area, to share with newcomers and old hands alike. Most often these specific areas are geographical or ethnic areas, (for example Scottish, Irish, Maori) but there is also an interest group concerned with genealogical computing.

Interest Group membership is not included in the NZSG subscription, but is available to members.

To find an Interest Group that could help you go to the Home page, then select ABOUT at the far left of the screen. From the drop down menu select INTEREST GROUPS and scroll down.

Interest Groups hold research days and host speakers on a range of topics and assist each other to be better researchers. 
Interest Groups 


NZSG Members, who live in New Zealand and intend to travel overseas to research, can apply to the Membership Secretary to supply them with a letter of introduction. This can be used at family history societies overseas, especially in Australia, to gain discounts on entry to their facilities, and can also be a useful proof of identity and bona fide at record offices, libraries and archives everywhere.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for the Membership Secretary to process your request before you travel. Membership

The Library contains an extensive collection of CDs, microfiche and books for NZ, Australia, the UK and many other countries. Search the library catalogue from our website under FRC> LIBRARY> Search the Library.
New Zealand resident members may borrow from the library at the Family Research Centre for the cost of return postage only. 
Search the Library
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Log into the NZSG website www.genealogy.org.nz log in and select MY ACCOUNT from the very top right of the screen. Scroll down until you see ADD INTERESTS or CHANGE INTERESTS.


The Members List is an email discussion group set up to provide a forum for members to discuss matters pertaining to the Society. It has developed to become also a means by which NZSG members can ask other members for guidance, support or favours with their research.
The Members List is an on-line community to assist members with a range of topics, and can also act as a mentoring system for newer members. Members Mailing List

There are several collections which can be accessed via the officers in charge of them. They include the NZSG Certificates Collection, NZSG Pedigree Collection, NZSG First Families Collection, and NZSG Pre-1856 New Zealand Marriage Records Collection. All of these collections comprise information submitted by members and only NZSG members can obtain information from them.
NB If not logged in this will redirect you back to login page.

NZSG Members get special rates for entry to the NZSG’s Family Research Centre in Panmure, Auckland and may borrow from the library.
Included at the FRC is the world-class NZSG genealogy and family history library, with books, magazines, maps, reference collections, microfiche and microfilms, CD ROMs, on-line access to major international databases, and a regular team of volunteers to assist you with your research. See how to get there
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Yours to read on-line at home! NZSG has upgraded its subscription in 2010 to include all the titles in the Gale collection of on-line newspapers, and NZSG members have remote access to them.
Log into the website www.genealogy.org.nz
From the home page, click on MEMBERS AREA then select ON LINE NEWSPAPERS from the drop-down menu; or select this link  ON-LINE NEWSPAPERS

NZSG has a proud history of publishing resources vital for New Zealand family history research, in hard copy, on microfiche and on CD-ROM. While most publications are available to the public, there are some, particularly those produced from the NZSG Collections and special projects, which are available only to members. Sales page


NZSG Members receive an extensive list of research facilities on joining and have exclusive access to the society’s research services.
The Research Services team offer lookups in the indexed resources of the NZSG Library, and are able to provide advice to assist in furthering your research. Contact Research Service
Search the online Library Catalogue for your areas of interest.

The NZSG Library has a digitised searchable version of the NZSG Government Gazettes 1840-2005 and members can  contact Research Services to do look-ups from it. 

The Huguenot Surname index (in two parts) is compiled from the indexes of the Quarto Series transcripts of Huguenot registers and other documents. It is solely an index and does not contain any other information. Many registers from Huguenot churches have been lost. Some Huguenot surnames will therefore not be found.
Further information may be obtained by searching the volume of the Quarto Series in which the surname is found. The amount of information in each entry varies considerably. For some it is only a record of the surname, for others it may include details of other members of the family, the occupation, where the family lived and even where they originated. 

Contact Research Service for more information
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The Admission registers of many schools around New Zealand have been indexed by NZSG volunteers. Check the Projects Register or contact the NZSG School Lookups Officer to see if the schools in your area of interest have been indexed.

Contact the Scottish Certificates Purchasing Officer or download and print the NZSG Scottish Certificate Service Request Form.
From the home page: Click on MEMBERS AREA at the top right, then select SCOTTISH CERTIFICATE PURCHASING SERVICE from the drop down menu. Or click on the link below to go there now Scottish Certificate Purchasing Service 

NZSG Members receive bi-monthly issues of The New Zealand Genealogist for the period of their membership.
This award-winning magazine [FFHS Elizabeth Simpson Award 1995 & 1999] contains articles of interest to all members, not only those researching in New Zealand but also those researching overseas from New Zealand. A full-colour production, it also contains regular features on NZSG services to members, book reviews, NZSG activities around New Zealand, and the latest developments in the genealogy/family history world.
Members are entitled to have their research queries and up to 16 surnames of interest published each year in The New Zealand Genealogist, and are encouraged to submit articles on research and family history-related topics.

Find the GRO Reference Number by searching on FreeBMD www.freebmd.org.uk
or by using the NZSG GRO Index Service Research service  
From the home page: Click on MEMBERS AREA at the top right, then select RESEARCH SERVICES from the drop down menu. Select GRO England and Wales Index for more information. Or click on the link below to go there now. GRO Certificates 


Obtain reference details from the UK Probates Index 1858 to 1943 by contacting NZSG Research Services Research service
Supply date of death and a search of the index will be made for 5 years from that date.

Purchase the Probate using the NZSG UK Probates Purchasing Service.

For Probates prior to 1858, contact Research service for advice.
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