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NZ Cemeteries Collection
Since 1967 The New Zealand Society of Genealogists has produced cemetery transcriptions for approx. 1400 cemeteries nationwide.  Dates range between 1812 through to 2014. Most municipal cemeteries are included, but a significant proportion of this collection includes private cemeteries, Maori Urupa and remote burial locations.

The full collection is held at the NZSG Library at 159 Queens Road Panmure, Auckland. For details on what is available search the Library Catalogue:   Search the Library>>>

Transcriptions between1812 – 2007 are available either on microfiche at most public libraries or in digital format on Ancestry.com.
For a listing of what information is available via these two mediums download:
<The New Zealand Cemetery Records - An Index of Microfiche holdings at 2009>

Cemetery websites
There are a significant number of websites devoted to information about Cemeteries both here in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world. Increasingly, we are seeing websites that include photographs of graves. A simple Google search by location will inevitably bring up a positive result.

Council databases are likely to be the most up-to-date. For those who have an idea of burial location, we recommend the website KiwiCelts. This website has a Geneamap which provides the co-ordinates for places of interest to Genealogists and Historians such as Churches, Cemeteries, Museums, and Memorials. It also provides direct links with Council websites and their Cemetery Databases. Search KiwiCelts either by cemetery name or by geographical location:  KiwiCelts>>>

As researchers know, we often commence our research without certain knowledge of either family names, or the location in which they lived. In such circumstances this resource comes into its own.

NZSG Burial Locator
This publication is a directory containing over 3 million names taken from many sources including the NZSG Cemetery Collection where the source reference corresponds with the referencing system used by the NZSG in the New Zealand Cemetery Records – a List of Holdings; and from many local Council Burial records which are not in the NZSG Cemetery Collection.
Version 2 of this publication was produced in 2008.  It is available from the NZSG on line shop, the NZSG Library in Panmure and some public libraries.

Kiwi Collection v2
This name searchable Index is primarily available to members only.  It includes names from various cemeteries (many of which are on the NZSG Burial Locator) but there is also a small number of full headstone transcriptions. The notes under Access to Source will indicate whether the full transcription records are available at a local repository
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