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The New Zealand Genealogist
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The New Zealand Genealogist is published bi-monthly by the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc. It is a high quality publication that promotes the study of genealogy, and contains articles of interest to members as well as new members’ interests, advertisements, and members queries.

 Copy Deadlines: 
Material submitted for possible inclusion in the magazine should be received by the Editor no later than the following dates:

Feature articles:   December 1, February 10, April 10, June 10, August 10, October 10

Booking:            December 20, February 24, April 10, June 24, August 24, October 24
Publication dates:
First week of:     February,  April,  June,  August,  October,  December

The Society's philosophy is to accept appropriate advertising that will be placed in the magazine as a service to its members. Such advertising shall be compatible with the aims and objectives of the Society and shall be in keeping with the theme of genealogy and family history. The Editor reserves the right to reject copy that is unsuitable in text or format.
Click on the link to download a copy of the current advertising rates:  Advertising Rates Card
Email Accounts to enquire about advertising in The New Zealand Genealogist.
 Submitting Articles for the NZ Genealogist:
Would you like to be featured in "The New Zealand Genealogist"? We are looking for well written, genealogical articles with good illustrations and/or photos.Your submissions will be welcomed and appreciated.
If you would like to make a submission please email The Editor.
Submissions to be considered for inclusion in the magazine are accepted in electronic form. Any graphics that are to be included with the article should be submitted at the same time. In the case of photographs it is preferred that copies are sent, not originals, in case of loss or damage. High quality scanned or laser printed images, unfolded, are acceptable.
Themes for future issues are:

•    February
Photography - Primarily commissioned articles relating to     
                       photographers, the photographic process, dating
 •    April - Food -Farmer, gardener, transporter, marketer, grocer, cook. Food impacts on our working and family life in many ways.
                How has your family been involved in the food chain? Can you tell a story which also reflects on sources about your
•    June - Pacific Ancestors - Consider your Pacific heritage. Is it ancestry? Is it colonial business and administration? Exploration?
                Where are the sources to put flesh on the bones of the Pacific family history?

•    August - Family History Month

•    October - Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) - The core events of genealogy. Records – cemeteries, funeral directors,
                     orphanages, newspapers? Stories? Customs around baptism, changes in marriage ceremonies?
•    December - Sports - An important part of the New Zealand psyche. How has your family contributed? What are the sources
                        about sportsmen and women?

Magazine features for Members use:
•    Members Interests
NZSG Members are entitled to publish up to 16 Research Names each year. Please complete the Members Interest form and return to the address listed on the form. 
If you would like to include your Members Interests on the Website, visit Members Area > My account and complete the form at the bottom of that screen.
•    Service Section
The Service Section of The New Zealand Genealogist contains sections for Contact Sought, Information Wanted, Information Offered, Family Reunion Notices, etc.
Readers are invited to submit concisely worded queries to the Editor of not more than 50 words (excluding submitter's name, address and membership number). Queries should be neatly written or typed, each entry on a separate sheet of paper. Do not abbreviate your enquiry. All surnames must be in upper case please. Your full name, address and membership number must be included with each query.
This service is not available to non-members. Queries from people living overseas will be accepted. There is a $NZ 5.00 charge (payable in advance).

Write to:
The Editor
The New Zealand Genealogist
PO Box 14036
Auckland 1072
New Zealand.
Email: Editor
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