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 From the President
There are two matters I would like to share in this first message of the year:
‘Best Practice guidelines for volunteer-involving organisations’, and the ‘Showcase’ concept

Every year since 1985 many organisations have used December 5th - International Volunteer’s Day as an opportunity for volunteer organizations to acknowledge the value and contribution of volunteers. The following definition of a volunteer was proposed in 2002– part of community and voluntary sector policy
Work done of one’s own free will, unpaid, for the common good

In 2014 the theme for International Volunteer day for Volunteer NZ (VNZ) was
“Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai – By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished.”

Did you know that NZ is 5th in the world for volunteering? (First is Myanmar, followed by USA, Canada, Ireland and NZ - World giving index 2014)

Did you know that volunteering in New Zealand accounts for 6.9 Billion of GDP (just below Agriculture and Tourism!)

Did you know that the NZSG contributes between 21,000 – 25,000 hours towards the 270 million volunteer hours accounted for in this statistic. See Volunteeringnz

Did you know that the country that heads the world in the 12 components of the Social Progress Index is NEW ZEALAND!

The NZSG is a member of Volunteering NZ (VNZ) and recently I attended two events hosted by VNZ.

The first was for Board members or managers of volunteers -  Leading by Example — what does Best Practice look like and how do we get there?

The second event “Raising the bar: What does Best Practice look like” was a workshop attended by Talei and I sharing the latest version of the Best Practice guidelines for volunteering-involving organisations and to explore how we measure up.

Both events enabled me to share other organisations experiences with volunteers and to learn how we can work with the best practice guidelines. This has been very timely as we move to relook at our governance and management responsibilities including the roles of volunteers such as Council, volunteers at the FRC, and the many volunteer office holders throughout the country.

Using these guidelines has helped me become  aware of how the NZSG needs to improve our current practices so I will be discussing this with the staff and Council to see how best to move forward.

The ‘Showcase’ idea

The ‘showcase’ concept has been around for a couple of years now and we need to think about how to maximise the educational opportunity this idea provides. The article in the February magazine (page 4) outlines some possibilities and I do hope you will consider how you could benefit from a showcase experience in an area of the country full of places where we can access the records that have been stored and preserved for the benefit of the wider community. Do contact the office if you are interested.

May the year 2015 be a great one for all genealogists everywhere.

Gay Williams
NZSG President


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