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The Ted Gilberd Literary Trust
What is the Trust?
The Ted Gilberd Literary Trust was established to encourage and promote the writing and publishing of family history by members of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. Ted Gilberd was a Wellington businessman and patron of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. On his death in 1991, the trust received a bequest which has provided the platform for undertaking further projects.

What do we do?
The Trustees have marshalled the Trust fund over the past 25 years to provide support for a number of activities:

A. Essay Competitions
In the mid 1980s Ted Gilberd supported the concept proposed by former President Colleen Main to run an essay competition for members of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists. 
The competition aimed to create a national collection of family biographies to commemorate the 1990 sesquicentennial. It sought unpublished material in essay form, in readable and interesting narrative and to publish a selection of the best. Over 100 essays were submitted and are now housed in the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. 
Following the success of the 1990 Family Biography Competition, the Trustees organised a further essay competition in 1995. Again we were looking for unpublished material written in readable narrative. This competition was about the New Zealand family with a focus on one of five themes (women, children, occupation, rural life, urban life). The essays were placed in the Alexander Turnbull Library; see Links below.
 First World War Essay Competition
The Trust is pleased to provide this opportunity for NZSG members to turn their research and writing skills into a permanent record of their family and events surrounding World War One.
The purpose of the competition is to encourage the recording of New Zealand family histories, improving the standard of research of family history, adding it to a national collection and achieve these aims through readable interesting narrative.
Download the Rules and Conditions of Entry>>>>
Entries must be received no later than 31st December 2016. Late entries cannot be accepted.
Entries must be accompanied by the Entry and Abstract Form 2016 that can be downloaded here>>>

B. Ted Gilberd Family History Award
The Ted Gilberd Family History Award is a certificate and a $100 book voucher for the best family history article published in the New Zealand Genealogist.

Any original and previously unpublished work of the writer, who must be a member of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists at the time the article is submitted are eligible for judging.

The criteria for inclusion in the judging are that the article should show a clear relationship between the research evidence and the written result, be well referenced and include illustrations. The Trustees evaluate each essay for:
•  the effort to provide a broader context for the story rather than just a description of a family or person,
•  clarity of structure and style,
•  organisation and evaluation of the evidence,
•  evidence of sources through references and / or bibliography.

Recent winners are:
    •    'Dolly the Bridge – a Llangwm fisherwoman' by Jane Smallfield, January / February 2011, p24.
    •    'Who was Mr Marriott?' by Pendreigh Brown, January / February 2010, p15.
    •    'On the Wright trail – London, Melbourne, Echuca, Hokitika' by Paul Hickford, September/October 2009, p231.
    •    'Maternity care in Hamilton' by Jeni Palmer, May / June 2008, p.211.
    •    'Do you take this man?' by Noeline McLaren, September / October 2008, p.304
    •    ‘Arrow agony' by Pat Brocklebank, May/June 2007.
C. Lectures, seminars, workshops
‘Imprint 2002 - Putting Your Family History in Print’ was a weekend programme, covering the process of gathering information and the treatment of it, with the aim of encouraging greater publication of family histories. It looked at factors such as determining the content, the writing process, desktop publishing, audio visual and web-based publishing, printing, financing and marketing. 
The inaugural Ted Gilberd Literary Trust Lecture was presented at the NZSG 2006.
In 2011 the Trust sponsored the Sir Jon Trimmer session, based on a format developed by the Kapiti Branch, NZSG at the Family History Fair, Hamilton. The Trust also supported costs for Ros Henry of Christchurch to speak at the 2011 Annual Conference in Dunedin.
Future NZSG conference organisers may apply to the Trust for similar sponsorship of a lecture.

D. Publications arising from the Essay competitions
Our Lesser Stars (1990) – a selection of the best essays received for the 1990 Family Biography Competition. Guide to the Family Biography Competition Collection in the Alexander Turnbull Library (1991)

E. Digital Archive for Family History
The Digital Archive for Family History (DAFH) was a joint venture between The Ted Gilberd Literary Trust (TGLT) and the New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc (NZSG).
Its purpose is to create a repository that will allow NZSG members to preserve the results of their family history in a digital narrative format.  There is no cost to submit files to the Archive. It is now managed as one of the NZSGs resources.

The Archive specifically aims to encourage NZSG members to create a literary piece of work including documents and images in a digital format that reflects their family history research.

For further information about the Digital Archive:
    •    Visit the Digital Archive for Family History (Note: this link is accessible only to NZSG members who are currently logged on to this website)
    •    Email the Archivist at digital.archivist@genealogy.org.nz
The Ted Gilberd Literary Trust does not provide funds to individuals to research, write, publish or distribute their family history.

Who are the Trustees?
The five Trustees are:
•  Colleen Main and Bruce Ralston, both former Presidents of the NZSG,
•  Mark Bennett, former NZSG Treasurer,
•  Margaret Brown, a Life Member of the Society, has been appointed as a trustee in 2011. In 2008 Margaret completed her studies for a PhD with Genealogical Family History as her thesis topic.
•  the NZSG President (ex officio)
Contact us: c/- NZSG, PO Box 14036, Panmure, Auckland 1741

The Family Biography Competition essays were given to the Alexander Turnbull Library. Here you can see the online record for the collection:
* New Zealand Society of Genealogists. 1990 Sesquicentennial Family Biography Competition collection 1990. MS-Papers-4280
* A guide to the Family Biography Competition Collection in the Alexander Turnbull Library
Ted Gilberd Literary Trust. Essay Competition 1995. MS-Papers-5757 
CyndisList – Writing your family’s history - http://www.cyndislist.com/writing.htm
Center for Life Stories Preservation - http://www.storypreservation.com/home.html
Dictionary of New Zealand Biography - http://www.dnzb.govt.nz
Te Ara – Encyclopedia of New Zealand - http://www.teara.govt.nz/
Matapihi - Experience a selection of pictures, sounds and objects from New Zealand’s archives, galleries, libraries and museums. - http://www.matapihi.org.nz/
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