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  Members Email Address
Email addresses are a unique identifier. For a variety of reasons many people have more than one email address. To perform some functions on the website, including requests for help from the Webmaster, a member's email address becomes very important.  The website recognises the email address you registered under; I find members on the database most frequently searching by email address; if you need to change your password it is your email address that helps identify you. So email addresses are important.
If you change your email address please advise membership. Not doing so could make it very difficult to trace you on the website database if you ever need help.

Online Payments

Online Payments have caused confusion for some people. Entering Credit Card numbers: New Zealand credit cards have 4 groups of 4 numbers with spaces between. However when entering your Card number in the box just type in the numbers without spaces or dashes; ie: if your card number is
1234 5678 9012 3456 type it in 1234567890123456.
When you have typed it in the software puts in the spaces. You wont be able to see all the numbers but don't worry they are all there! You can see the numbers if you place the cursor on the box and scroll to the right.
Typing the Name on the Card exactly as it is on the card is essential. Put in all the spaces. If your card says R S Smith - enter R S Smith - NOT RS Smith OR R Smith. it must be exact or it wont work.
The security number is usually a 3 digit number on the back of you card (N.B. The payment page in My Accounts does not ask for this.) The Expiry box asks for 2 digits in each box for month and year i.e. 05  / 13
My Account page

For change details; paying subscriptions; checking payments made or changing Member's Interests - this is THE page!
When you have Logged In in the Utility Bar at the very top of the Home Page you will see My Account. This page shows your details as recorded by the Society. If your details change and you want to update them this is the best place to do it. If you want to pay your subscription through the website or just see what payments you have made, you do it from here. And, if you want to change, add or delete anything in your Member's Interests, this is the page to do it from.
Emailing Officers at NZSG
Members can send emails from their own email accounts using officers' email addresses that are shown in the magazine. The Office manager; Librarian; Membership; Accounts; Webmaster; email addresses can be found throughout the NZ Genealogist. Using your own email account means you retain a record of what you have sent.
Webforms as discussed below are designed to limit spam attacks on our Mail system, however the system copes well with your emails. So it is your choice how you email us.
Website Emails

The website's email forms have caused members some difficulties. The first is which button do I click to send the message. You use the one inside the box. Click on the image and it will expand for you to see
The second point of confusion is the message that is still in the box when your message has been sent which seems to invite you to do it all over again Ignore it! Just click on the circled cross at the top right of the box and the email box will go away.
Website Email Links

Website emails, like the one shown above, are generated by clicking on links. The reason for doing this is to avoid the spam attacks. What you aren't shown is the email address it is going to, just the name of the person. The hackers and spam artists can't see it either. These should be used by members to communicate with officers of the NZSG. Click on the image to see the webmaster's link.
Bread Crumb Trail

An annoying aspect of being on a website and opening a new page is how to get back to the page you were on. This is pretty straight forward on our website - look for the "bread crumb trail" and click on the page you want to go back to. Click on the image to see what the "bread crumb trail" looks like.
Tab Bar Trail
When you are working on a a page you may want to open a file or image linked to the page. Our images and files have been coded to open in a new window. In some web browsers that means a whole new, separate window, but on most browsers the file or image opens in the same space as you were in but creates its separate window. If you look at the tab bar you will see the windows one after the other. This means you can move between windows without having to open or close them or shut one of the down when you have finished without losing contact with the page you want to be on. The small cross in the circle on the right is for closing the window. Click on the image to see the 3 windows that are open.
Page Moved

When you open a page and you see "Page Moved" it is most likely the Webmaster has made a boo-boo. When tidying up pages links sometimes get broken and this is the message we get. What to do? Use one of the webmaster mail links as shown above and let me know! ASAP! it would also be good to know what page you were on when you tried to open the page that gave you this message. Click on the image to see a Page Moved message
Login Required Page

This is a problem members sometimes encounter and is especially frustrating when they are shown as being Logged In! The simplest explanation for this is that your computer has rembered a pathway to this page from a previous activity, i.e. it has 'cached' that information. The simplest way around this is to click on the page you wanted, the Members Area is accessible, and open it. There is a very good chance the next time you try accessing the page you want it will work. If the problem persists then contact the webmaster