July Workshops - FRC
14FRC012:  Putting Your Research onto Computer                                                                                                        $20.00
Sunday 6th July, 10.00-1.30pm                                                                                                                 Computer Workshop
Presenters ~ Rosalie Bromwich and Vivienne Parker

Are you wondering which genealogical program to use to record your family history research?  Do you have any problems or questions with regard to entering the information or printing the reports? We will run concurrent sessions on Family Tree Maker and Legacy Family Tree. Bring your computer and your questions.

14FRC013:  Getting the Best Out of ScotlandsPeople                                                                                                   $20.00
Saturday 12th July, 10.00-1.30pm                                                                                                         Classroom Workshop
Presenter ~ Bobbie Amyes    

So you don’t waste money, this workshop will show you how to prepare to search for the information on this pay-to-view website. Some elementary knowledge of Scottish research is important as there will be no time to explain the records in depth, as the emphasis will be on be using the records. Bobbie's introductory course to Scottish research (7th June) could be a useful prerequisite for those new to the topic who want to know more about the records. ScotlandsPeople is constantly expanding its record collection, so we will cover the following records: Birth, Death, Marriage, Old Parish Registers, Catholic Registers, Census Records, Valuations and Wills and Testaments. Recently the wills and testaments section has extended to 1926 and the newly introduced 1915 land valuations include tenants’ names. For participants to get the best value out of this course, have some easy searches in mind, plus some more difficult ones that the group might be able to help you unravel. Bring your research names with you. As it is a pay-to-view website, you will need to pay for your particular searches and any printouts, however if you have an NZSG flash drive you can save the images to copy onto your own computer. (NZSG Flash drives cost $15.)

14FRC014:  Beginning your Whakapapa Journey                                                                                                            $15.00
Saturday 19th July, 10.00-12.00 noon                                                                                                     Classroom Workshop
Presenter ~ Lorraine Rice

This workshop aims to give you the tools to begin your journey tracing your Maori Whakapapa. Bring along any information you already have and we will use that to build your next steps in the search for your iwi and whanau connections.

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