NOMINEE: David Jack #17381


PROPOSED BY: Elizabeth Shea #25395

SECONDED BY: Lois Shears #19147


My name is David Jack. I have held a strong passion for family history over the past forty years. As part of my continuing professional development during the past four years, I have obtained my Master’s Degree in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies through Strathclyde University.

I work as a self-employed qualified genealogist, and also work within my community as an elected Timaru District Councilor, of thirteen years. My main portfolios are Chair of Council Infrastructure and Grants Committee. Other work roles include - Director of the Register of Qualified Genealogists (UK), and Director of Trust Aoraki, (distributing funding back into the community). The expertise I bring to these rolls I would like to bring to the Board of NZSG.


As a former member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors, I am well versed in good governance and prescribe strongly to their best practice principals. I enjoy being part of a team and pride myself in adding value either as a District Councilor, Director or Trustee. My recent academic achievements and past experience across a range of rolls in commerce, the trades, information technology and hospitality support a diverse and transferable understanding of business suitable at board level.