Hibiscus Coast



2pm third Tuesday of the month,  February - November



St Chad's Church Hall, 117 Centreway Rd, Orewa


Branch Workshops and Cottage Meetings

For further details of events,  please see our latest newsletters below.


Sandra's Cottage Group with Sandra Baker

Date:  Last Tuesday of the month

Venue:  At Sandra's Home

Time: 10am - 12 noon


HBC Legacy User Group with Alan Jenner

Date: Second Thursday of the month

Venue: Pohutukawa Room,  Whangaparaoa Library 

Time:  10am - 12 noon



Wendy Fitzpatrick
PO Box 27
Orewa 0946

Phone: 09 424 5779

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Our WW1 Project: "Putting Flesh on the Bones."

Our project aims to have an educational outcome where we help young people see the names on the local War Memorials as people with families and to see how the war affected them and their families. To better understand the impact of going to war had, not just on the soldiers, but their families and the community at large.

The Project has two phases:
1. To work closely with the RSA and Silverdale Historic Society to develop profiles of the soldiers named on the memorials
2. To provide a resource that can be used by young people in local schools when they study WW1
If you would like to be involved with this project email: Diane & Roger


Go to our WW1 Project page