Intention To Marry Notices 

When a couple intended to marry, one partner was required to complete an Intention to Marry Notice for the District Registrar. At the end of each quarter of the year a return of these notices was sent to the Registrar General. The reason these returns are useful is because they contain information not recorded in the marriage entry such as the `length of residence’ for both bride and groom. This refers to residence in the district, but it may also be a guide to length of residence in the country. The name of the parent or guardian who gave consent is also included where the bride or groom are under 21 years of age and this can be of value especially for pre-1880 marriages where there is not so much information on a certificate. Archives New Zealand holds these returns from 1856 up to 1956. Although the major collection is held at Archives New Zealand Wellington, the returns for Gisborne are held at the Auckland Office of Archives New Zealand ; the Christchurch Office holds some records for Cust, Rangiora, Timaru, and Waimangora (these are not indexed). The Intentions to Marry held at Archives New Zealand, Wellington have been card indexed under both groom’s name and bride’s maiden name. From 1880-1920, the Intentions to Marry can be accessed providing that the date of marriage is known.