Membership Types


Ordinary membership

Ordinary membership is open to an individual person. The rights of ordinary membership include the right to vote, either in person or by proxy, and to use the services provided by the Society for the member’s own personal research.


Joint membership

Joint membership is open to any two persons residing at the same address, who shall individually have the rights of an ordinary member.


Youth membership 

Youth membership is open to a student between the ages of 12 and 21 years, except that the Board may admit a youth member to an upper age limit of 25 years. A youth member shall have the rights of an ordinary member.


Affiliate Group

Affiliate Group membership is open to any library, institution, museum, facility, genealogy/family history group or corporate body that is supportive of the objects of the Society and which is willing to assist the Society to promote these objectives. An affiliate group member shall have no voting rights or access to the Society’s research services, but shall enjoy such privileges as may be determined by the Board. Affiliate Group membership is not transferrable to an individual.