Scottish Interest Group


Whilst the majority of our large group are residents of New Zealand,  others are located in Scotland, Canada and Australia.  

A sub-group has ancestral ties with Nova Scotia in Canada, being descended from Scottish Highlanders who emigrated there before a second migration to New Zealand. 


 Next Meeting

The Scottish Interest  Group is holding a 5 minute Extraordinary

General Meeting to adopt the new rules of the NZSG at 1pm.

on 5 March.


A research afternoon from 1 – 4pm is being held at FRC,

159 Queens Road, Panmure to which you are welcome to come

and research your Scottish ancestry.

Afternoon tea provided.   $5 door fee.


Enquiries: Scottish




The membership application form includes a section for members interests and a booklet of these is produced. 

Annual membership for 12 months from 1 July - 30June is NZ$12.00

Newsletters (published quarterly) are sent by email or if you wish to have it posted an additional cost NZ$15 is required.

Membership applications, cheques and Members' Interest List items can be mailed to : 

Scottish Interest Group

PO Box 23589, Hunters Corner, Manukau 2155 
Email: Scottish



Lois Fawcett

PO Box 23589, Hunters Corner, Manukau 2155

Email: Library


 Sub Group Contacts

A. Jones - Hamilton - Ph: 07 855 3859
J. Dods - Wellington - Ph: 04 471 3058
M. Miller - Nelson - Ph: 03 544 2854
P. Langton - Greymouth - Ph: 03 762 6024


Scottish Library

Scottish members can borrow from the Scottish Library

Group borrowing:  a minimum of four weeks notice is required.

Scottish members:  a minimum of three weeks notice is required.

 email Library 


On-Going Projects

1. Scottish born immigrants - now accepting entries for the Register  of Immigrants of Scottish birth arriving before 1 January 1951.

2. Obituaries of Scottish born people who died in New Zealand. There is no limitation on the date of the Obituary.