Terms and Conditions

(Approved 04/02/2017)


Using the NZSG Website 

The New Zealand Society of Genealogists (‘NZSG’) welcomes visitors to use its website services and material. 

By using the NZSG website you accept these terms and conditions, and agree to be bound by them. It is important that you read these carefully.  

Amongst other things, they exclude or restrict NZSG’s liability for loss of damage arising from your use of this website.  


Terms of Use

1. These terms apply to your use of the website and to any subsequent use you make, on any occasion, of the material and information you obtain.  

2. The material is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.  

3. You may use the information, but any information you obtain may be used only in accordance with these terms. Where any information is used in the publication of family research that information must be appropriately acknowledged. 

4. Users must abide by all restrictions in force from time to time:  

4.1  You must use the NZSG website, and any information you obtain, only for your personal family research.  

4.2  You must not download, copy, reuse, resell, or republish online or in print or in any other format any part of the material, except in the context of your individual family history.  

4.3  You must not make any of the material available to anyone online, except where you publish your personal family research online even where this incorporates information extracted from the material.  

4.4  You must not resell any of the material or any information obtained through the NZSG website, but you may sell a personal family history you have created even where this incorporates information extracted from the material.  

4.5  You must not alter or adapt any of the material, nor pass it off as your own work or the work of someone else.  

4.6  You must not use the material in any way which is defamatory or fraudulent.  

5. You will not obtain any rights or interests in or to any of the material of the NZSG website.  

6. NZSG may suspend or permanently disable your access to the NZSG website without warning if you do not comply fully with all these terms at all times and NZSG may take legal action for injunction, damages or both.