In Our December Issue



218 Patricia Liddell The Campbells are coming
224 Mary Farrelly No going back
227 Evelyn Robertson My eureka moment
230 Pauline Weeks Remembering women who served in World War Two
234 Sarah Hewitt Finding Uncle Shave
235 Miles Dillon Eureka! A fifty-year puzzle solved
236 Mary Shadbolt Lucy Carlile Marshall, 1930-2020
238 Introducing new staff at FRC
239 Tor Riley Missing men - finding Imperial soldiers omitted from Discharged in New Zealand
242 Christine Young First Families Collection. Have you made a submission?
243 Allan Penney Hip-hip-hurrah for DOOT!
244 Kath Woodley Can you help?
246 Heather Bray How I display my headstone photographs
250 Patricia Liddell My French connection
251 Miles Dillon Fishing for an answer

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