In Our June Issue




88  Celebrating 50 years of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists

88  Amendments to the Society’s Rules – result of recent vote by postal ballot

89  Amanda Nunn New Zealand’s last act of heroism in WW1

90  Barbara Bolt Coast watchers from New Zealand

91  Adair Polson-Genge The ‘Coconut Bombers’

92  Harriet Taylor A headstone story

94 Bobbie Amyes It started with a painting

98  Helen Vail Brothers in arms

99  Peter Krafft Occam’s razor – a tool that can take a researcher miles down the wrong line

101  John Catley Alfred George Mills – Great War casualty died in 1920

102  Delwyn Blondell Ordinary men, extraordinary experiences

108 Robert M Findlay The impact of a war death in memorialisation and naming

116 Joseph Gillard ‘Not Reported as Severe Cases’ – a life dislocated 


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