In Our October Issue



174 Bryan Jackson Warkworth's questionable medical practitioners
178 Harriet Taylor David Ringrose - convict to Tasmania
180 Bruce Ralston Alex and the bags of gum
182 Evgeniya Kryssova 'Bad characters': crime and insubordination in World War One military records
186 Dorothy Dowgray 'Poor Jimmy' - the sad life of James Davidson
189 Mary Anne Miller Safely anchored or wrecked
190 Jack Keane and Gabor Toth Using Papers Past and the New Zealand Police Gazette to find a black sheep
192 Kathie Furlong Fred, er, Gerald, our black sheep
194 Alan Tunnicliffe Cousin James Rankin: black sheep extraordinaire
196 Christine Young NZSG Research Service: Is a little guidance needed?
200 Miles Dillon 'Not about the family much'. Tom Clements - black sheep?
203 Valerie Hagan-Pratt A lack of judgement provokes a judgement - our Kiwi black sheep ancestors
207 Catherine Clarke Felonious, wicked and diabolical?
210 Lynne Richards The truth revealed
212 Bruce Ralston Is it in the bones?
214 Jeanette Grant Skeletons in the closet

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