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4 A selection of CD-ROMs (A–C) held in the NZSG Library

6 Keith Giles In the news: the mysterious case of the missing musician: Richard Frederick Herz, c1833– c1889

8  Cathy Henderson Tragedy and memory. Forgotten family “formerly residents in New Zealand”

9  Maureen Kelso Louis Reveley: a first-hand account of his war experience 100 years ago

10  Jennifer Clark Breaking two brick walls in two days – thanks to FTDNA

14 Pauline Weeks Finding children in the wilderness: insights from the Kumara Times

17  John Wilson From Bere Ferris to New Zealand: The Roseveares of Bere Ferris

18  Evelyn Robertson My family and John Grigg

24 Kathy Hill Weaving a story

28 Jan Kelly Finding John Allan in archives. Part II 31 About West Coast New Zealand History

36 Sandra Serra Walter George Shrimpton – a life short-lived