NZSG Record Collections

The collections in this section contain material which has been sent in by members, or has been collected by the Society's Officers.  

They are a postal service available to members of the Society only.

Access is through a service operated by an NZSG appointed officer.  

Refer to each section for the contact addresses.

When making an enquiry for information from the collections, you should provide as much identifying information relevant to your enquiry as possible.

Remember to include your membership number and a suitably sized stamped self-addressed envelope with your enquiry.

Conditions of Use

You are reminded that information from the NZSG Record Collections is available to NZSG members only, without charge.  Access to the collections is a major benefit of your NZSG membership.  Members receive this information on the understanding that it is to be used for their personal research only.  You should not pass it on to non-members, or make access to the collections available to non-members.