Kiwi Collection

The new online NZSG Kiwi Collection is being launched very soon. This resource is available exclusively to NZSG members for an annual subscription of $50, or a monthly subscription of $20.

Kiwi has been with us since the first NZSG Index was produced on CD-ROM in 1999. With the launch of Kiwi Collection online, Kiwi has evolved into a flagship product for NZSG and a powerful online research tool for members.

The new online version is the gateway to a vast, meticulously compiled index of over 11 million records across 312 record sets, allowing users to locate the records they need and find exactly where and how to access them.

In the past Kiwi editions were released about every three years, now updates will be released from time to time through the year. The new Kiwi has many more features than previous editions including:

  • New look
  • Printable Resource Notes
  • Built-in User Guide

Pre-order your subscription now by emailing NZSG Manager - please include your membership number.