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Publication Dates & Copy Deadlines

Material submitted for possible inclusion in the magazine should be received by the Editor no later than the following dates:


Publication Dates (1st week of) February April June           August October  December

Feature Articles 10 Dec 10 Feb 10 Apr 10 June 10 Aug 10 Oct

NZSG Content/Advert Booking 7 Jan 17 Feb 17 Apr 17 June 17 Aug 17Oct




The Society's philosophy is to accept appropriate advertising that will be placed in the magazine as a service to its members. Such advertising shall be compatible with the aims and objectives of the Society and shall be in keeping with the theme of genealogy and family history. The Editor reserves the right to reject copy that is unsuitable in text or format. 

Please download our advertising rate card HERE

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Submitting Articles for The New Zealand Genealogist

Would you like to be featured in The New Zealand Genealogist? We are looking for well written, genealogical articles with good illustrations and/or photos.Your submissions will be welcomed and appreciated. 


Information on "Writing an article for The New Zealand Genealogist  is HERE.


If you would like to make a submission please email Editor

Submissions should be provided in electronic form. Any graphics that are to be included with the article should be submitted at the same time. In the case of photographs we prefer they are sent as digital copies. Do not send originals in case of loss or damage.



October 2020 - 'Black Sheep'

December 2020 - Eureka moments

February 2021 - Australia

April 2021 - Favourite resources

June 2021 - Family businesses

August 2021 - Family History Month

October 2021 - Island life

December 2021 - First or Christian names as genealogical proof

February 2022 - Accidents, tragedies and disasters

April 2022 - Food and family recipes

June 2022 - Wellington province

August 2022 - Family History Month

October 2022 - Housing - 85th anniversary of State houses


General - Articles of any subject relevant to this journal which meet the submission criteria will be considered.  We especially seek how-to articles based around a source or subject which explains relevance, access and use. 



Service Section 

The Service Section of The New Zealand Genealogist contains sections for Contact Sought, Information Wanted, Information Offered, Reunion Notices, Trader. 

Readers are invited to submit concisely worded queries to the Editor of not more than 50 words (excluding submitter's name, address and membership number). Queries should be neatly written or typed, each entry on a separate sheet of paper. Do not abbreviate your enquiry. Initial mention of surnames must be in upper case. Your full name, address and membership number must be included with each query. 
This service is not available to non-members, although queries from people living overseas will be considered.

There is a $NZ5.00 charge, payable in advance.

Write to: 
The Editor 
The New Zealand Genealogist 

PO Box 14036
Auckland 1072
New Zealand.
Email: Editor