NZSG Certificates Collection

This collection was set up as a repository for certificates that members had obtained but found to be unrelated to their research.  In recent years, members have been encouraged to submit certificates and miscellaneous documents of any kind whether they are related or unrelated to their research.  The sole purpose of the collection is to share certificate information amongst Society members.  It does not have the facility to put contributors in touch with one another.

Types of records

The majority of records are from New Zealand sources but there are also many from the UK, Australia and other countries.  Besides birth, death and marriage certificates (which include sightings and RGO microfilm printouts) there are many other documents of value in research.  These include baptisms, parish records, marriage banns, intention to marry certificates, wills, probates, coroner’s reports, war records, census records, shipping records, burial records and other miscellaneous documents.

The index

All names shown on the documents are cross-indexed into the database. These include parents, spouses, other relatives, informants and witnesses where they are likely to be of value.  Women are indexed under both married and maiden names. This means there could be 6 – 10 entries for a particular birth, death or marriage all with the same reference number but only one will be the individual who is the subject of the event.

There are over 959,800 entries in the index, cross-indexed from over 113,000 records and the collection continues to grow steadily.

What information can you obtain?

Individual search:  You may request a search for an individual (either a particular event or all references to the individual).  Please include concise details such as likely location, time frame, parents' names if known etc.  If a search is successful you will be sent details of the document.

Surname printouts:  You may request an up-to-date printout of entries in the index for up to eight surnames at a time.  For more common surnames such as Anderson, Bell, Brown, Campbell, Clark, Hall, Harris, Hill, Jones, King, Martin, Robertson, Robinson, Ross, Scott, Smith, Stewart, Taylor, Thompson, Walker, Watson, White, Williams, Wilson Wright and Young, please also list the forenames and you will be provided with a printout of those names only.  If you identify any certificates from the printouts that appear relevant to your research, you may then make a further request for copies of the documents.  These requests must be limited to six certificates at a time.

NZSG Index:  Part of the Certificates Collection index is also included in the NZSG Index published from time to time on CD-Rom which is available for Society members.  Please note that if the 'Event' field is blank on this index then that individual is not the main subject of the certificate but could be a witness, informant, parent, spouse or other person shown on the document.  We ask that you limit your request to six reference numbers at a time.

How do I make a request?

Write to NZSG Certificates Research Inquiries, Mrs Francie Smith, PO Box 311, Mangonui 0442, setting out your request clearly and concisely making sure the correct reference numbers and names are quoted. If you find several entries with the same reference number and date, it is necessary to list only one.
Post your enquiry with a stamped, self-addressed envelope (minimum size DLE – 22cm x 11cm).  If surname printouts of the index are requested please include an A4 sized stamped, self-addressed envelope.  There is no charge for this service.

What certificates can I contribute?

Please send in any certificates, sightings or documents (see Types of records) you wish to have included in this collection.  This can be done by members either individually or collectively as an NZSG branch project.

How do I contribute my certificates?

Post your certificates to the NZSG Certificates Collection Officer, June Stratford, 31 Mains Ave, Kensington, Whangarei 0112. 

If you wish to receive an acknowledgment please include either a stamped self-addressed envelope or your email address.