NZSG First Families Collection

This First Families Collection is a collection of information about families where the family immigrated to New Zealand before and including 1901 and where partners were married in New Zealand before and including 1901.

It is an index, that has been compiled from family record sheets,  contributed by both members of the NZSG and non-members.  Each family record sheet includes the names of three generations and their spouses (where known).  The record is based on the first couple of any family unit living in New Zealand before and including 1901 and it can include their children. It can also include their parents who may not have come to New Zealand, thus bridging the gap between New Zealand and the country of origin.


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Conditions of use

You are reminded that information from the NZSG Record Collections is available to NZSG members only, without charge.  Access to the collections is a major benefit of your NZSG membership.  Members receive this information on the understanding that it is to be used for their personal research only.  You should not pass it on to non-members, or make access to the collections available to non-members.