NZSG Projects

The Society has a commitment to the preservation of the nation’s records.  One of the ways we do this is by collaboration with major repositories to ensure that records of importance to researchers of family history are preserved and accessible.  With a national network of members sharing a common interest, we can greatly improve our ability to locate records of importance by producing and pooling nominal indexes and transcriptions. Emphasis has been placed on:

  • Shipping Records
  • School Attendance Records
  • Cemetery Headstones and Burial Records
  • Undertakers Records
  • BDM Records
  • Obituaries

each record type being nominated as a NZSG National Project.

Gen-Guides designed to help project teams with establishing their projects, to advocate for a common quality standard. We have a Project Coordinator who can assist you with tailored resources for each of these areas of study.   The information resources that are delivered from these projects are added to the national collections and made available to our members.  

The Project Register is a database of all NZSG Projects that have been notified to the Project Coordinator. The Register is intended as an information resource in its own right so that there is no duplication of effort, but it also fulfils another role by letting our members know who and where they might go to for information.


Search the Project Register


There are a range of processes involved in establishing an NZSG Project.  Each of the Project Forms involved have a specific purpose that is outlined in the explanatory notes.  Apart from notification, it is possible to obtain funding for national projects under certain conditions.  

For assistance with Projects please contact the Projects Coordinator