Where Did My Ancestors Live? (pdf)

Written By:  Ronald Hermon -  2014

An insight into records of Land Information New Zealand 


Introduction to Ancestry DNA (pdf)

Presenter:  Ben Mercer - 10/08/2015

Ben Mercer CEO explains the Ancestry DNA project.


Might you use DNA to aid your genealogy research or just ignore it? (pdf)

Presenter: Gail Riddell - 08/2015

Outlines the importance of knowing which of the tests you should use to get the results you are looking for.


Getting Started (pdf)

Presenter: Gay Williams - 2015

Gay gives beginners pointers on where and how to get started researching their family histories.

A clear concise overview is gained from this presentation.


The NZSG Family Research Centre (FRC) (pdf)

Presenter: Gay Williams - 08/2015

This presentation takes the viewer through the history and evolution of the NZSG and provides a valuable insight into the resources available to family history researchers through the Family History Research Centre.


Migration to New Zealand (YouTube)

Presenter: Robyn Williams, Vice President AFFHO - 10/03/2015

Robyn discusses early migration to New Zealand and related resources that can be used to trace family history.


Finding Family in New Zealand (YouTube)

Presenter: Robyn Williams, Vice President AFFHO - 11/03/2015

Robyn demonstrates useful resources that can be used to trace family history in New Zealand.


The History of the NZSG Cemetery Collection (YouTube)

Presenter: Gay Williams - 11/02/2015

Presenter: Ben Mercer, Ancestry

Gay talks about the history of the  NZSG Cemetery Collection; a national database of nearly 1400 cemeteries, public, private and urupa


Locating Your Ancestors Through Burial Records (YouTube)

Presenter: David Verran, Team Leader Central Auckland research Centre, Auckland Libraries - 08/03/2015

David presents a seminar on the importance of the 1882 Cemeteries Act. 

Download pdf 1 and pdf 2


Identity Conference (YouTube)

05/2016 - 09/2016

Held by Privacy New Zealand and addressed by a number of individuals and organisations with interest in the protection of individuals' identities and privacy in general.


The Great Flu Pandemic, 1918 (YouTube)

Presenter: Gay Williams - 08/03/2015

Over a 3 month period in 1918 NZ lost half as many people to influenza as it had in the entire war. Gay discusses the worlds worst disease outbreak ever.

Download the PDF


The Shipwreck Cemeteries (YouTube)

Presenters: Michael Wynd and Gay Williams - 08/03/2015

Two specialist speakers discuss some of New Zealand's worst shipping disasters and their associated graveyards. These remote burial sites tell tragic but often heroic stories.

Download the PDF


Locating your ancestors through NZSG burial records and Ancestry online (NZ cemetery records 1800 -2007)

Presenters: Diane Wilson and Gay Williams  - 2015

Discuss the 'online' facility now available and note that, "It's not all online!"

Download the PDF


HMS Orpheus our worst shipwreck 7 February 1863

Presenter: Michael Wynd - 2015

Michael gave two presentations on the wreck of the Orpheus

Download PDF 1 and PDF 2


The Hawkes Bay Earthquake 3 February 1931

Presenter: Christine Clements - 2015

Christine demonstrates the research resources for identifying those who perished in this disaster.

Download the PDF


The Tangiwai Railway Disaster, 24 December 1953

Presenter: Gay Williams - 2015

Gay presents information about this tragedy and the memorials to those who died.

Download the PDF


The Air New Zealand Erebus Disaster, 28 November 1979

Presenter: Gay Williams - 2015

Gay looks at individual stories from the burial records

Download the PDF

Genealogy & Social Media


Family histories are often the starting point for film makers like Gaylene Preston in the film Home by Christmas - not to mention historical novelists like Stephanie Johnson and Jack Lazenby. Lynn Freeman looks at one of the big issues being talked about - social media, and the pros and cons of using it to track down relatives and fellow genealogists.She's joined by genealogists Donna Bridgeman and Lisa Durrant.

Listen HERE


DNA  deciphering families, surprises and skeletons


Genealogy is now the second most popular hobby in the United States (after gardening) according to Time magazine.

Genealogist Michelle Patient is an expert in using DNA testing to help people find their roots.

Listen HERE


The records of the English Parish Churches (YouTube)

Presenter:  Vivienne Parker  

Recorded:  04/03/2015

The records of English parish churches recount the day-to-day running of the parish, including not only baptisms, marriages and burials but also a wealth of information about our ancestors. Find out more with this family history talk.


Our Australasian Really Useful Information Leaflet 

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