Sharing your Family History

There are lots of different ways to share your family history. Picking the right one can be the hard part!

In this section you can find out the different ways to share your research with your family - even those who aren't interested.

And then how to take it out of the house with you!

This last part of the series has three presentations, the notes for all three are in one pdf document.

Notes for "Sharing your Family History"



3.1 Sharing - Collaborators and Reunions

Sharing your family history while you work on it and at family reunions makes genealogy fun!

In the first presentation in this section you can discover different ways to share information using gedcoms, reports and charts.



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3.2 Sharing with the Uninterested

Many members of your family will not be interested in your family history until you tell them a story.

This presentation shows you the different ways you can turn your research into stories.



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3.3 Travelling with Your Family History

Some times you need to leave the house!

In this final presentation you can find out some tips about how to get the most out of your travels whether it's down to the corner shop or around the world!



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