Starting your Genealogical Journey

In part one of this learning resource there are four presentations on starting your genealogical journey. There is a set of notes that can be downloaded to accompany each of these videos.

They are best watched in sequential order and they can be paused so that you can watch them at your own speed and leisure.


1.1 Where to Start

So what does "doing your family history" mean? And how do you get started on it?

In this presentation you can find out!


Notes for "Where to Start"

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1.2 Keeping Organised

Family History is a lot easier when you keep yourself organised.

In this presentation, you can discover some tips on how to do this, including how to pick computer software to help you.


Notes for "Keeping Organised"


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1.3 Searching

There's a lot more to searching for your family history than putting some names in a search!

This presentation illustrates the issues you may face and gives you some techniques to help find your family.


 Notes for " Searching"


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1.4 New Zealand Sources

What records are there to find your family history in New Zealand? In this last presentation in this section you can discover what you might (and might not!) find


Notes for "New Zealand Sources"



Thank you to the Wellington Masonic Club Inc.for the funding to produce these resources.

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